Ma-Pack Consult

... The success story goes on, since 1995.

After  many years in leading positions in packaging, Alois Mathews  founded in 1995 Ma-Pack GmbH, an engineering and sales company for packaging.
With his knowledge and experience,  he won very quickly many customers. Not only the big shots in this world but also a number of start-ups at this time  counted on his experience and are still customers.
Now he has changed his active sales part into consulting and advice in all questions of packaging.
Ma-Pack- Consult is  particularly  in flexible packaging, starting from sticks, sachets, bags (horizontal and vertical) recloseable etc. plus automating projects down the line to the pallett
Martin Renken with Ma-Pack Verpackungstechnik has taken the sales part .

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Examples of filmpackagings as flat and stand-up pouches

four side sealed pouch

stand-up pouch

four side sealed pouch

bottom fold pouch

three side sealed pouch

konturized stand-up pouch

z-bottom fold pouch