Swimming like in a river

The ultimate counter current system for small pools!

The sportive side of DUO NADAR for ”swimming like in a river”

Many thoughts, many ideas and a lot of enthusiasm were the basis of the development of DUO NADAR, the most sophisticated counter current system for swimming pools in the market. The system is already manufactured in series.


Small pools are good for a refreshment but swimming is hardly possible. Who likes after a few strokes to stop, return or drift off.


The one who likes to swim “like in river” needs DUO NADAR.

Which are the advanteges of DUO NADAR?

Any swimming style is possible. The water flow is adjustable from the pool while in the water.

You can use DUO NADAR for swim training, wellness, relaxation or just have fun with your children

A very important advantage is the easy installation. No breakage of pool walls. Just put the unit into the water and off you go for a swim.


Security is according to UVV and CE

* particularly for small pools * most easy to install * no violation of pool wall * for new and existing pools * for sweet- and saltwater * variable speed


want to swim, sportive, strong, without limit

for every age and fitness

want to regenerate, relaxe or just for pleasure - want the waterflow to massage you

want to paddle or play

Examples of already installed counter current systems